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Bond Building Treatments at Patrick & Son

Wellaplex is specifically designed to work with Wella Professional lightening and colour products. It is a three part treatment service:

Part one - Bond Maker which helps to create bonds during the colouring or lightening service.

Part two - Bond Stabilizer is done at the back wash and is left in the hair for ten minutes after shampoo and conditioner to strengthen the hair structure and rebalance PH levels.

Part three - Hair stabilizer home treatment is to be used once a week to keep the hair strong, smooth and soft.

Importance of PH levels?

With a healthy PH level, your hair will maintain its elasticity. A PH imbalance will see the weakening of the hair as it loses its ability to retain moisture and sebum, the hair’s natural protective conditioner responsible for maintaining that moisture. If you color or straighten your hair and maintain a healthy PH level, you will suffer less dryness, breakage, and damage to the hair that is typically caused by certain harsh chemicals. A healthy PH level will also keep the color from fading.

Wellaplex is used in the salon ask your stylist for details.

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