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Creating Extra Volume from the comfort of your own home!

Having to cope with flat hair all day can be frustrating even just trying to create a general bounce or a bit of volume. Here at Patrick and Son we can teach you how to create volume when blowdrying your hair. Below is a few tips from our stylists that may help you create that body.

1. Using Dry Shampoo gives the hair more body. It reduces hair greasiness without the need for water. The alcohol and the starch in the product soaks up the excess oil and grease from the hair. If you thought dry shampoo could only be used on dirty hair. There is another way to use it.For fine, thin or limp hair it can also make a great volumiser.

2. Using a good round brush like the GHD ceramic round brush which we both use from day to day and sell in the salon.This round brush is an incredibly effective brush for a quick full blow-dry. The barrel of the brush is ceramic,which means that it retains the heat of the hairdryer and dries your hair faster than if you were simply rough-drying your hair. By also holding the brush for a few moments at the end and blowing cool air into it it will sure give you the sleek fullness you have been looking for.

3. Using big rollers! Great way of creating volume. Velcro rollers are heatless, easy, affordable and glamorous. If you use the rollers straight after blow drying your hair, when there’s still some heat in the hair the volume tends to last a bit longer. Leaving the rollers in your hair from 5 mins onwards can create voluminous magic.

4. Volume comes from the root of your hair the foundation of any blow dry. If your roots aren’t controlled properly you won’t be able to create body and volume in your hair. So products that can be sprayed into the root will help support your root lift.

Just a couple of ways of creating voluminous glamorous hair in the comfort of your own home.

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